OKC networking group of contractor and business professionals that are known for their customer service.

We don't have a long list for you to choose from - we just have the best list.

There are a lot of websites with multitudes of skilled professionals on the internet and in publications. When you need to find the right person to work on your house, represent you legally, take care of your health or advise you on insurance or financial options, you want a short list. You need to know who will get the job done on time and on budget. You don't have time, money, or the desire to find out who are the creative problem solvers. You need someone who is professional and experienced, who can only be included based on an outstanding reputation.


 Ask yourself these questions when you look at these other lists:


  • Are they a local company or based in some off state or country?
  • Do they know the business people they are recommending?
  • Do they personally use these professionals?
  • Can anyone join their registry?
  • How does a long list of help you find the right service professional?


Our list is straight forward and exclusive. To be in the Flint Group, members must have a proven record, experienced, and a recommended by someone in our group. That's why we have only one business per industry: plumber; dentist; restoration; construction contractor; security company; electrician; insurance agents; commercial inspector; auto service and repair; legal services; web design SEO; commercial and residential cleaning; financial planner; moving and storage company; furnace, air conditioning & refrigeration; home inspector; staffing agency; landscaping; business communication services; ductwork scoping and cleaning, foundation repair; roofer.

The Flint Group is an association of innovative problem solvers providing everything from home repairs, moving, and business needs to better health and planning your financial future.

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