OKC networking group of contractor and business professionals that are known for their customer service.

It's difficult to find someone to fix something wrong with your house that will do a professional job. It's a leap of faith to use someone new for insurance and investments. Who do you trust your family and possessions to? You want someone with an impeccable reputation, who is not just starting a business, resides in the State of Oklahoma, and has good character. Call a member of Flint, the best networking group in Oklahoma.

You will not find a better professional to work with you than a member of the Flint Group.





Whether you are new to Oklahoma City or have lived here all your life, be assured, if you want something done right, you want the Flint Group.

Made up of skilled Oklahoma City professionals, you can trust a project, problem, or business needs to one of our members.

Our talented associates have earned great reputations with satisfied customers across the city and state.

Not just any business can be a member of our neworking group. These professionals were chosen because they are exceptional.

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The Flint Group is an association of innovative problem solvers providing everything from home repairs, moving, and business needs to better health and planning your financial future.